The evolution simulator by oren ungar (orenong)



each creacure has DNA that defines these properties:

colour - creatures with similar colours won't attack each other

speed - faster = less energy efficent

attack power - costs energy

agressivness - chance to attack another creature

Fertility - having a child costs energy,  Fertility defined how much energy a creature needs to have to decide to have a child


if the energy of the creature is 0 - it dies

if it lost in a fight to another creature - it dies and the other creature gets 50% of its energy


the game has 3 sounds.

eat sound - a creature eats food

fight sound - 2 creatures fight and 1 die

death sound - a creature reached 0 energy and died


when a creature have a child, its child will have the same DNA as his parent but with some mutation, so evolution can occur!

when a child is being born, it apears on a random spot in the lower part of the screen


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Made withUnity
Tags2D, evolution, genetic, Life Simulation, Procedural Generation


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I am not sure how to play the game? It's an interesting concept though. Just come up with simple concept where the player can control a DNA type and go from there.


I think you're meant to observe rather than play it. It's a fishbowl.